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Malacca Strait, from Indonesia to Thailand

Malacca Strait, from Indonesia to Thailand

It was time to start our final passage and finish our 4 months long cruise in Indonesia. We had 240 Nautical Miles from Pulau Weh to Thailand and we were rushing to get everything ready for our final passage.

Forecasets didn’t show very smooth seas and were a bit worried what would be waiting for us in the open ocean. The reason for all this rush was that weather was just getting worse and worse.

We started our passage on the 23rd of July 2010 around 4:00 am. Winds were blowing 15-25 kts and there was pretty large 3-4 meter waves. Lucky for us the wind was straight from behind and we were flying 8-9 kts the whole day.

Malacca strait was as busy as always and sometimes we felt like playing Nintendo when in between all the large tankers.

The following night was pretty rough and I think nobody really slept a lot. However, everything went as smoothly as possible and on the morning of 25th of July 2010 we started to see the first islands of Thailand and finally Phuket was getting closer and closer.

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Pulau Weh, Sabang, Indonesia

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